Friday, March 11, 2011

I found a friend for "Boris 2"

Boris is labeled under its back foot. High temperature ( ~1400 C ?) white clay. Falu brown-red non-glossy glaze.

The curved fish was in Google's Cache of a recently anounced sale of "old collectibles". I missed it. And missed the chance to talk to the owner.

When I was a kid and for many years (long before I discovered it had a name) I did not understand if this was a fossil, or a shell, or some form or remains of an ancient being. It could have been a bone, or a snail.

Boris grew at home with me, it was always part of my environment, like the sun in the morning. It was one of those things so familiar in your life you accept without any question. I don't remember now when it became obvious that it was hand-made. Probably the day I dared to pick it up for the first time.

To understand things you have to pick them up. Sometimes literally. Otherwise you are condemned to an eternal astonishment.

Clearly, from the same, unknown author. If you recognize the style (or are the author), please leave me a comment. Boris is from around year 1970. Gustavsberg, Sverige. The fish, unknown.